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tv   [untitled]    June 18, 2013 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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>> [ applause ] . >> courtesy of city college of san francisco's great culinary department. hot soup. where is our soup? who knows. who knows where the hot soup is. >> right here on polk street. is that where it is? hot soup on gearey. good. first, some words of wisdom from our supervisors. take us to our leaders, please. >> hi, everybody, london breed representing district five and i'm so happy to be here today. we are here doing what san
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franciscans do best. we are improvising. we made what? actually we made soup out of out of lemonade. i want everyone to remember that back then san francisco was pretty dark. i know some remember that. we have an incredible fire department. the fire department and police department are the strongest safety units anywhere and i know in any situation we can get through it because we are san franciscans. my colleague president david chiu.
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>> good morning san franciscans. i can't believe you were here in 1906. i would like to welcome you. we know in 1906 this was ground zero. i want to thank all of you and want to thank our men and women in uniform from our fire department and police department who have sacrificed over the years and been part of our early response system. when the alarm woke me up this morning, i didn't know exactly what was going on and i think that is appropriate because when the earthquake happens there is a great deal of confusion. unlike 1906, we are much better prepared. with that being said, i still have nightmares that at some point in the future we know there is a 2 in 3 probability that the
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great one is going to hit us in a few years . i have a grandmother that is not prepared, i have many family members who are not prepared. thank you for san francisco who is ready for the big one. mayor lee is going to be here shortly and he's going to sign a piece of legislation that supervisor wiener and i worked on to make sure the three story soft story buildings that have people living and working in them get repaired. i want to thank many of you and our officials who worked with us to get that done and with that, let me turn it over to my tallest colleague supervisor scott wiener representing the castro valley
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and great areas. thanks for being here. >> thank you. in this city we know how to get things done. this is one more example. we are going to be ready for the next one and we are going to rebuild from that one as well. i know we are going to be able to get it done and it's great that we do this every year and i want to say how proud i am that we were able to get this soft story legislation done. earthquake preparedness is never easy, it's always controversial, but we did it. thanks, everyone. [ applause ] >> before we bring our mayor up, a quick word from the department of emergency services. a hand for --an.
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>> thank you, good morning for coming. the entire government and city of san francisco is summed up in one word and we showed it this morning. resilience. we were resilience in 1906 and in 1989 and we will be resilient the next time. we love san francisco. we are ready and prepared. each one of you have to be prepared at home and at work. look at how flexible we were. look at what resilience is all about. thanks for coming. >> [ applause ] . >> san francisco is lucky to have two native born san franciscans from our fire department. welcome joanne. [ applause ]
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>> good morning, everyone. thank you. thanks for coming out. this is a great crowd as we commemorate and celebrate 107. i'm proud to be serving as your fire chief. we have many here that have shown up from the fire department. on behalf of the fire department we are proud of the city and the city's resilience and today is a perfect opportunity to remind everybody the importance and particularly the mayor who truly gets it, the importance of preparedness and helping each other out and knowing everyone's emergency plan and having plans for your family if you are not together and for your pets and we are also grateful to have three of the members of the board of supervisors. i think that maybe a record. thank you. they work hard. president chiu, supervisor wiener and our
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former fire commissioner london breed. a big shout out to the murphy family. [ applause ] we have the murphy family and the morris family. mike morris is going to be retiring after 37 years. he's our chief at the airport. this is what history is about and never forgetting that history and remembering that morning in 1906 to come back and restoring our beautiful city. thank you very much. [ applause ] >> thank you very much, chief. it shows we appreciate more than just irish people this morning. [ applause ] >> i appreciate everybody's patience this morning. the
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device is not dangerous. the bomb squad just forwarded. we'll be opening up market street shortly. you should give yourself a hand this morning. it just shows our resilience. we are not going to be denied our traditions. this is important to remember what happened. our level of preparedness even got better this morning. [ applause ] . i want to echo what the fire chief said. we continue to prepare all the time. we have a mayor who i know it's all about resiliency and getting back to where we were when and if and when it happens. with that, i'm going to give it over to bob to give it over to the big guy. >> all right. the mayor we have today, please welcome mayor ed
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lee. [ applause ] . >> good morning, everyone. i thought when bob said he was going to introduce more irish people he was going to introduce me. i'm so glad you are all here today. i was checking to see if everybody was here. i want to thank you. we are coming together on the 107th anniversary. it's a constant reminder. i'm so glad to be working with everyone, the men and women from our department of safety and even today after we speak, we are signing in legislation that the entire board of supervisors and certainly shows with us this morning evidence that we continue to work hard to make sure our city is safe. soft
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story buildings is next up and we do a top off for the safety buildings for the bonds. we are on it. we are working, we are vigilant. this is the way we honor all of our survivors and the people we remind about the earthquake. thank you again for coming together on this great anniversary. great to see you again, everybody. >> i know emperor norton is hanging around. where is the emperor? please come up and give us a proclamation. [ applause ] >> they are somewhere around here. to remember this commemorative day, earthquake preparedness day. i invite you all to come after the painting
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of the fire. bloody mary. let's hear it for him. >> it's right now time to turn it to mayor lee. he's going to sign the soft story legislation. we are going to sign that. >> board of supervisors in a unanimous vote led of course by our president chiu and skont wiener and and our engineer, we
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are all on this. mandatory soft story building ordinance certainly will make our soft story buildings have a backbone that will stand firm against any earthquake shaking and this is what we've learned through many years of study since not only 1906 but 1989 loma prieta and i sign this for not only for the things we have to do, but we have over 200 projects that are under way because the voters know we have to do a lot more preparation and we'll continue doing this. i'm glad the board has hearings. this ordinance also takes care of tenants who feel that maybe the cost might hurt them and we have devised a plan that will assist them that needed some economic help. average building
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will spend about $60-130,000. everybody has been involved to preserve our housing stock. if there is a seismic event because of this ordinance and implementation they will stay in our city and make sure they survive and not be hurt by a soft story building structure. with that, are we ready to sign? all right. let's get it done. >> there we go. [ applause ] . thank you.
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>> for more information, >> thank you, supervisor farrell, for being here this morning, and also for your great partnership with the board of supervisors. carmen chu, you're helping us bring in the money already, thank you. assessor chu. (applause) >> london breed, thank you very much, supervisor, always a pleasure to work with you as well. all of you, friends, spouses, family, people who are just enthralled with this wonderful great city of san francisco like i am. thank you for all being here to witness and honor and thank the people who are stepping up with us to help manage this wonderful great city. thank you, chief hayes white, for being here as well, and other department heads and other commissioners, thank you for joining us as well.
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we have 25 individuals today who are sacrificing a lot of personal time, sacrificing their own family's time away for night meetings, a lot of reading of paperwork, a lot of public engagement. we also have some 15 different bodies that you'll be appointed to today. and, so, it is my pleasure to welcome you and to suggest to you that i personally appreciate citizens of san francisco stepping forward to help us manage this city. it never is ever about one office. it's not even about two offices. it's about how we conduct ourselves to reach out, engage people in the public to help serve our city. your ideas, your engagement
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with us, you're aligning where we want to go to make the city a greater city is really the essence of managing a city. and i've learned that in many, many years of being a public serve ant, being an advocate to make sure the city represented its own diversity, of using that diversity as our strength, and going forward each of you are being asked to serve on extremely important commissions and bodies that i fully, fully respect. from fire, to transportation, to people handling billions of dollars in retirement, to our arts, to our health, to just getting permits out so that we can help people be success in this city. all of you are part of that. i just happened to address several hundred people this morning at a breakfast to talk about the health of our city. and part of that discussion was not just the health care programs that the country is
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heading into. it's also health means are we doing everything right for people? are we building strong communities? are we building neighborhoods? are we giving people the foundation in which they can invest to create a family, that they can have hope for their kids? all of you are part of that agenda, and every decision that you make and the people that come before you want to feel the hope and the foundation that this city has. and, so, i want to thank you, each and every one of you, in your various capacities that you will take on, that you help us be a better city, be a more compassionate city, a city that will help me build more affordable housing, create more jobs, sustain the job situation that we have, to make it ultimately a city of hope for everyone. that is why we emanate our name
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of the city of st. francis. we have to be of hope to everybody. not just in america any more. we're a city of immigrants as well. so, your commissions also have to have a viewpoint that we are a world class city and we are a city that everybody, the whole world looks at to establish what are good economics, what is fairness and equity, and what is excitingly ip ~ innovative as a world class city. thank you for stepping up. if you would now stand up, i will provide you with the oath of office. and if you'll please say each of your names individually as i begin. and then at the end, you will jointly say that the bodies that you are about to be appointed to.
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please repeat after me. i... i... [speaker not understood] >> do solemnly affirm >> do solemnly affirm >> that i will support and defend the constitution of the united states and the constitution of the state of california >> and the constitution of the state of california >> against all enemies foreign and domestic >> against all enemies foreign and domestic >> that i will bear true faith and allegiance to the constitution of the united states
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>> to the constitution of the united states >> and the constitution of the state of california >> and the constitution of the state of california >> that i take this obligation freely >> that i take this obligation freely >> without any mental reservation >> without any mental reservation >> and for purpose of evasion and that i will well and faithfully discharge the duties upon which i'm about to enter such time as i go to office of... >> [speaker not understood].
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>> [speaker not understood]. >> art commission. >> for the city and county of san francisco. congratulations, thank you very much. [cheering and applauding] >> thank you. thank you, everybody, for being here.
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test, test, test, test, test, test, test >> the meeting will come to order. i hear big and little voices in the audience today. i'm the chair of the transportation authority so t